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St. Patrick’s Special for Palestine

Date and Time

Saturday, March 16th, 2024 9:00 pm



Line up -

Jay Terrestrial & Firepit Collective, The Restarts


A St Patrick’s Special Fundraiser for Pal Action. Expect traditional and contemporary folk and world roots with Jay Terrestrial & Firepit Collective, plus shouty hardcore, infused with elements of ska and old school punk with The Restarts.

Jay Terrestrial & Firepit Collective is a blend of modern and traditional music along with jigs and reels; folk music has been taken in, anarchised and re-processed with a real hard political edge. Jay This is raw and heartfelt music from the grass roots!

THE RESTARTS are a UK based punk band! Formed 1995 in East London, they play shouty hardcore, infused with elements of ska and old school punk. The Restarts have been hammering their way through the squats of Europe and venues across North America for over two and a half decades, earning themselves a global following of punk enthusiasts. They lend amplification to unheard voices, fighting for social causes and keeping the DIY spirit of punk rock alive and well.

Palestine Action take direct action against Israeli weapons factories in Britain, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.